Choosing a Video Renderer

What's the best video renderer? There's no answer to this question... as it depends on user preferences and it also depends on system.




Select a video renderer in right-click -> Video (Advanced) -> Video Renderer menu or in Preferences -> Video Processing window.


Preferences (F2) -> Video processing

Try to test some different video renderers as you may get better image quality with one of them (depending on your system).
Usually, both Enhanced Video Renderer and VMR9 Renderless work well for most systems.
EVR has certain bugs that could affect some ATI/AMD video card models. Please ask in the forums if you have any problem.
Information about video renderers:
The most used video renderers are:

Overlay Mixer is only recommended in old systems. It is incompatible with Aero desktop effects in Windows Vista/7.

EVR can be used in Vista/7. To use it in WXP you must install NET Framework 3.0

Haali's video renderer may not work if it's not supported by your video card. How to use Haali's Video Renderer.

You need to select VMR Renderless or EVR renderer to apply high quality effects to subtitles.
Desktop mode can only be enabled with Overlay Mixer renderer.